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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion done right for the modern enterprise.

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Hire & Retain happier, more productive, and committed employees with a modern diversity & inclusion platform.

Drive DEI accountability & decision-making.

Use data to decide who should be trusted to manage others, based on their “Effectiveness Score” and DEI score.

Save money

Our approach allows you to offer consistent & effective development at a significantly lower cost than traditional training

Enhance workplace relationships, accelerate trust, and build empathy

via cohort-based monthly discussions (no heavy lifting or logistics required by HR).

Measure company progress

Company leaders & HR team can see overall benchmark & progress reflected on company metrics board

Track individual progress

Individual benchmark & progress is reflected on individual graph.

Save time

Each person gets a personalized “score” and learning path, based on their level, role, goals, motivators, and learning preferences. No time wasted on irrelevant content.

Support each employee

with real-time reminders, guidance, and feedback (like a coach in their pocket!).

Be consistent

Our consistent, comprehensive, and personalized approach builds diversity intelligence/habits of DEI over time. Slow and steady wins the race.

Drive DEI accountability & decision-making.


What does representation look like across your company, as compared to the available talent pool?

What is your short term, long-term, and longer-term roadmap for Diversity?

Is there a level within your company where diversity drops off?

To what degree do people value and understand the business case for diversity?


What actions have you taken to ensure equity of pay and opportunity?

Have you done a pay equity analysis & correction if needed?

Have you looked at the promotion velocity data across different demographics?

To what degree do your employees perceive you company as fair & equitable?


To what degree do employees feel valued for their contributions?

To what degree do employees feel a sense of belonging?

To what degree do employees feel appreciated and supported by their manager?

Do inclusion numbers vary across demographics? If so, why?

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Building Better Humans at Work

Whether you are a C-suite executive, a mid-level manager, or a frontline employee, we all have a job to do in building inclusive workplaces. But we do not have the same job.

This is why our platform provides individual metrics and a personalized learning path—designed to go beyond awareness & empathy—to build the habits of DEI into your DNA.


percent of all respondents
more likely

Employees who experience micro-aggressions are 3x more likely to think about leaving their jobs.


in additional GDP if gender gap is narrowed by 2025


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