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DE&I starts with putting your money where your mouth is

Jenny Mesdag

Inc. Magazine this month has an article by Paris Wallace of Ovia Health about leadership commitment to DEI. A couple of excerpts that jumped out to me are copied below, for those of you who appreciate the highlights!

And, finally, it's about more than giving people the time, space, and resources to push for a more inclusive workplace--it's about putting dollars behind it and tying DE&I directly to compensation. In a corporate environment in which compensation is tied to revenue, operating income, and stock performance, diversity goals are often missing from those compensation calculations.


At Ovia, each division has a publicly stated DE&I goal, making up 10 percentĀ of bonuses--it's something that everyone in the organization pays attention to. The end goal here isn't strictly a numbers game. For us, it's about creating a workplace that truly mirrors the diversity among our users and among the U.S population, and creating a critical mass in which empathy is self-perpetuating.