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Mitch Shepard

HUMiN Technologies, industry leader in infusing DEI into the DNA of company culture, is launching a platform that is transforming the DEI space.

It is ‘Noom’ for workplace health and behavior change.

It is the first personalized DEI platform that gives every employee—from CEO to frontline workers—the tools needed to improve their diversity intelligence, overall effectiveness, and habits of inclusion. Unlike many learning platforms that stop at building awareness, HUMiN is about awareness, empathy, and above all, behavior change.

Companies are under tremendous pressure to “do more” in DEI—driven by pressure from employees, boards, investors, and consumers. The expectation to build diverse and equitable cultures has never been more fierce, but current solutions aren’t cutting it. Often solutions are limited to homegrown & ineffective internal solutions or pricey & ineffective external ones.

The fastest growing C-Suite role in 2020 was the role of Chief Diversity Officer. But DEI leaders frequently say that they need more resources and scalable solutions to move the needle in meaningful ways.

HUMiN is launching a solution to fill this need. A measurement tool to help companies assess their culture, behaviors, and habits, as related to DEI + the ongoing resources for consistent learning & growth. We all have a job in building inclusive cultures, but we don’t have the same job. The HUMiN platform drives accountability at every level of the organization, by giving employees and leaders unique insights into their behaviors and impact The platform is able to customize a learning path for every person, given the elements of D&I that are most relevant and important for them.

Companies need data that cannot be explained away. HUMiN delivers that data, on both an organizational and personal level. Each employee is able to assess their strengths and gaps, and follow a personalized path to greater effectiveness, while tracking progress real-time.

HUMiN is about building better humans at work. Being a better human at work requires a basic understanding of psychology, behavioral science, emotional Intelligence, and empathy for others. We all have things we are great at, and other areas where we struggle, in terms of our effectiveness. This is why HUMiN is customizing & curating a highly relevant learning path for every person—top to bottom—in an organization.

The HUMiN platform is the first of it’s kind to:

  • Focus on multiple spectrums of diversity— from gender & race & generations to introvert/extrovert, LGBTQ, and working across cultures, etc. The goal of the app is to raise the level of "diversity intelligence" across organizations & enable people to work well across human complexities—which of course drives talent brand, retention, productivity and team performance.
  • Drive accountability at all levels (CEO to frontline employee) through a scored Inclusion self-assessment. Each employee evaluates themselves on a set of 15 core habits and behaviors related to diversity & inclusion. There is much talk about “Inclusion” but many people don’t know what that looks like on a day to day basis, or how they are personally doing.
  • Deliver individual (and collective) metrics & progress tracking. Each person receives an “effectiveness score” for themselves and contributes to an “effectiveness score” for their manager. Each person then receives a personalized learning path (micro learning segments) to improve in the areas where they have gaps.
  • Deliver real-time reminders, tips, and feedback to reinforce the key habits they are trying to practice—like a coach in their pocket—and receive feedback from those around them to determine if their intent matches their impact.

If you would like to consider being an early adopter of this product, in exchange for discount pricing and a seat on our CAB (Customer Advisory Board), please email CEO Mitch Shepard, at

This is a limited opportunity for 25 pilot sponsors/customers. Participating in our pilot will grant you access before other companies, allow you to have a role in shaping product features & priorities, and will show your employees that you are taking bold action to accelerate your results in DEI.